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Common Questions

Should I make a 'low ball' offer to get a good deal?

 While your low offer in a normal market might be rejected immediately, in a buyer’s market a motivated seller will either accept or make a counteroffer. Full-price offers or above are more likely to be accepted by the seller. But, there are other considerations involved:

  1. Is the offer contingent upon anything, such as the sale of the buyer’s current house? If so, a low offer, even at full price, may not be as attractive as an offer without that condition.

  2. Is the offer made on the house as is, or does the buyer want the seller to make some repairs or lower the price instead? 3. Is the offer all cash, meaning the buyer has waived the financing contingency? If so, then an offer at less than the asking price may be more attractive to the seller than a full-price offer with a financing contingency.

What is your best piece of advice for first time homebuyers?

Beware of advice from people who do not work in the industry. Real estate is a popular topic and almost everyone feels like they have some great insight to offer. In reality, the people who know best are the people that work in the business. Good realtors have sold hundreds (or even thousands) of properties. They know what to expect and what to look out for. Friends and relatives have only bought and sold a few homes if any at all. Buying and selling a couple of homes does not make someone a well-rounded source of information. There have been too many first-time buyers to become persuaded by well-meaning friends and family, only to be disappointed later.

What percentage of the final home sale price do you charge?

Commission varies, if you are a home seller, my rates can be found in the 'Home Selling' Tab. Call or text me at  757-750-0255 for the password to this exclusive information. 
If you are buying a home, then I would normally be compensated by the seller, however this can vary.

I never charge transaction or admin fees. 

How long does it take to buy a home?

Between 30 and 45 days.
The timeline for finding a house varies greatly because there are so many variables. Once you find a house and have an accepted offer, it usually takes around 35 days to close. If everything goes relatively smoothly between the buyer and the seller then you can expect it to take around 40 days total.

What credit score do I need to finance a home?

A credit score of 620, or higher, is recommended but it ultimately depends on your lender. As you probably know, a higher credit score offers better lending terms. There are some lenders who will approve buyers with a 580 score or sometimes even lower. Your loan officer will be the best source to give you a current answer for today’s lending requirements. Don't have a lender? Let me know! I can refer you to several local lenders, with a track record of excellent service and great rates. 

Do I need lender preapproval before viewing homes?

The answer to the question is YES!  There are tons of reasons why you should talk with a bank and get pre-approved before looking at homes.  First and foremost, talking with a bank before looking at homes can help you understand exactly how much you can afford.  There is no reason to look at homes that are listed for $250,000 if you can only afford up to $200,000. ALSO most sellers are requesting that potential buyers have a preapproval in hand, before scheduling a viewing of the home.

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